Year 4a (2015)

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Brilliant Brazil and the Amazing Amazon

We have spent the summer term studying Brazil and now moving on to look at rain forests.

We did all sorts of things: dance, art, made books, wrote an assembly… the list goes on!

What were your favourite parts of these topics?

100 Word Challenge – Carnival Time!

Imagine that you are taking part in the biggest carnival in the world. Describe your experience in 100 words.

You might want to write as a performer, a visitor or even as a poet.

Abstract Noun Haikus

We have recently been studying poetry. “Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.

We decided to write Haiku on abstract nouns as they are much more of a challenge.

Can you work out what these are describing?

1) A place to feel safe,
Warm beds and comfy sofas,
Were the heart is held.

2) On my own again!
No one at all to play with,
I’m feeling fed up.

3) Blossom on trees,
Ice cream singing in your mouth,
Hot sun shines like fire.

4) Hard work keep going,
Practice and train till your strong
Practice makes perfect.

5) That empty feeling,
bottom lip is trembling,
Hugging mum and dad.

6) Hugging a teddy,
look to the future with grace,
You’ve got to have faith.

7) floating around my ears,
the words race around my head
loud, quiet, fast, slow

8) A glowing candle,
eating a cinnamon bun,
you can celebrate…

9) Dreaming about faith,
Glaring up in the night sky,
Wishing in a well.

Post typed by Nell, Kristen, Meg, Jazz, Lauren and Frankie.

100 Word Challenge – Spring Special

Spring has sprung, green shoots are making their way through the dry hawthorn bark and the days are getting lighter.

Your 100 word challenge is to describe a perfect springtime moment.
What might you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be with?

Have a wonderful break everyone.

100 Word Challenge – Lost in the Supermarket!

Literacy Homework
Lost in the supermarket!
This is another 100 Word Challenge. Imagine you are in a supermarket with your family, when, suddenly, you can not find anyone you know!

Remember to describe the anxiety (show not tell) and to use questions to encourage the reader to think about the dilemma themselves

International Day

As part of our international day year 4 worked with Miss Cropper to produce a short dance based on our Roman topic. The children only had a short amount of time to put it together. Have a look to see what you think!

IMG_0273 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0272 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0274 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0269 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0271 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0270 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0268 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

IMG_0267 from S Jopling on Vimeo.

100 Word Challenge


At school we have been writing stories with dilemmas. For homework we’d like you to write EXACTLY 100 words to describe (show not tell) someone’s dilemma.

Imagine you are sitting outside the head teacher’s office. Why are you there? How are you feeling? What is going through your mind?

Roamin’ in Roman Chester

Our visit to Chester.

Lots of amazing things to see, especially my glorious Gladatorial victory over Ms. Burrows. 😉

What was your favourite part?

Roamin’ in Roman Chester (i) on PhotoPeach

More Roamin’ on PhotoPeach

Apostrophes for Possession

We have been looking at using apostrophes to show possession.

For example, the football that belongs to Nancy is Nancy’s football.

If I said that Luke’s handwriting is excellent, I would use the apostrophe before adding an s.

TAKE CARE! Do not start using apostrophes whenever a word ends in s because often these are just either plurals (when there is more than one item) or present tense verbs.
– The dogs are very friendly – No apostrophe is needed here.
– My cat is so awesome he gets treats all the time – No apostrophe here either.

Blog below to show me that you can use apostrophes. I will award 1 team point for every correct example you give, up to 5 points each.

National Coding Week

This week we have all been coding and it’s been a lot of fun!

Here are some links to websites that will let you try coding for yourself.

If these don’t work as hyperlinks (blue links that send you to the correct page) you can simply highlight the full addresses to copy and paste them into the address bar.